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Boxes Detail by adamlhumphreys Boxes Detail by adamlhumphreys

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This was my final project for Mixed Media AND Drawing Concepts. One big project for two classes. I had a lot of fun making these, (except for the charcoal box, I hate charcoal).

See full installation here:
Boxes Installation by adamlhumphreys…

What you can’t see: The box with the brown tissue flashes, and the box with the most lights alternates between three bulbs that flash at the top.

Total power consumption is ~43.2 watts minus the inefficiency of the center tapped transformers which are rated for 12 volts @ 3 amps.

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Khuur Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
The Green Hornet, Sherlock Holmes, and The Muppets, eh?

The two scribble boxes seemed a tad redundant, especially with their placements in such proximity to each other. Well, unless you meant for it to be that way, as an extension of concept, and for their design to sweep upward across the bottom, leading into the center high contrast paint box. I also found the string box a little underwhelming, though that is because there are no dramatic shadow patterns along the inner walls, as one would expect, from such a perpetuation of substance throughout the inner space (though it is understood that the strings are likely too thin to allow for much any shadows at all).

I do, however, rather like the simple rainbow box, the brown tissue box (as of a flickering light lost deep within a cave), the heavy shadow box (achieved by painting directly on the bulb?), and the nail box, what with its utter lack of shadow.

It's a cool project overall, and I do find the arrangement of the full installation appealing, nonetheless.
adamlhumphreys Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011  Professional General Artist
Now there’s a comment I can take to the bank. :D

There are actually about 11 more tickets around the inside edge, but there are a couple of repeats. Most of the shows my dad and I see are usually animated. :)

Unfortunately, I had not yet made the colored pencil scribble box, string box, nail box, or lights box before hanging the piece as a whole, so I agree about them being too close. (Everyone else hung their second project.) I also agree concerning the string box. Most of the shadows are on the sides. I have an idea of what I could do for a second attempt though.

Thank you for telling me your faves! The heavy shadow box (on the lower right, yes?) was actually made with black India ink on the box itself. I initially wanted a brighter bulb in there for more contrast, but at the time of hanging, I only had 11-watt bulbs which was a tad extreme, so I ran it at half voltage. Only the ticket box, label box, and nail box ran at full voltage, and being on for 12 hours a day, running about 223 hours total, I’m glad they didn’t burn out. :w00t:

Thank you for the feedback! :D
lcddisplay Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If you have a hard time selling lightbulb boxes/stuff I'll take them.:) (Smile) 
adamlhumphreys Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2015  Professional General Artist
:XD: I'll hold you to that offer should the time come. :)
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December 21, 2011
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